Thursday, September 22, 2011

POT-HOLDER MADNESS!!! and you thought it was just Thursday...

Holy Guacamole, look at these beauties. I made these all in about 3 days.
I'm starting to note a slight obsessive facet of my personality...Hmmmmm.

So head over to etsy and nab yourself a set of the most awesome potholders in the world Napa.

I bundled then into sets of 3 and named them after colleges Maddy wants to apply to. Um, make that  "...Maddy wants and Mommy thinks she SHOULD" apply to.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to change your life with 2 loaves of Wonder Bread

Is it lunchtime already?That's homemade plum jam by the way. Want one?

This is what 15 mornings of peace look like.
A few years ago, (just after the school year had started), my friend called me up for a chat. She confessed that she was making a week's worth of P B & J sandwiches and Ham and Cheese sandwiches to freeze as we spoke on the phone. She said "There's just no other way we can get out of the house in the morning."
I thought it was the grossest thing. I mean, please? Who would eat a frozen sandwich?

Oh guess what? Children do! children who are hungry and trapped at school and have no other choice do! Yippee!
I started doing this soon after that phone call and have never looked back.  A frozen sandwich doesn't spoil between 7 am and 12.
I feel so smug to have 15 lunches ready to roll. Throw one in a bag,  wash an apple or two and find some pretzels or raisins? Ta-da! Lunch.

Monday, September 19, 2011

When life gives you lemons, just throw them away or make pot holders

After posting the pot holder photos a day or so ago, I was compelled to give it a shot. I think the simple ones are better, though it's hard to predict how they will turn out. 

As you can see, I have a hard time stopping...I have about 8 more "middles" that I can cover and then I should be done.
It's one of those situations where I hate to let anything go to waste. Many times this works out, but many times it bites me in the butt. 
For example:
Tried to save left over lemonade (and crappy crystal lite at that) by freezing it. Except that I put it in giant mason jars and even though I left the lid off, they cracked. Ruining not only the lemonade but the really nice jars too. Stupid.

Then a few years ago I got the idea to wash the mattress cover to our fancy European bed. It covers the entire mattress, top bottom and sides, but it unzips. So I just washed the top. But it is wool and it shrunk and matted and was horrible. Gave it to the cats to sleep on. However, when ordering a new one, I had to get the whole thing (top, bottom and sides). So I took the old one off, and cut it into these squares 'cause, dude...they are wool and about 1/4 inch thick...really nice for pot holders. I made up a few and they are great except for the pesky washing thing. Ya can't do that...they scrunch and mat up just like the top cover did. But if you don't care (i don't), and are willing to hand wash them (i am), they are very suitable.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My friend Chris recently asked on Facebook what was inspiring to us. He meant, as artists or as regular folks, ya know, what really gets you going. I hesitated to comment because I always feel other's creativity gets me going and I always feel that's cheating. I'm not down on myself (anymore) and I've accepted and relished the fact I am a technician rather than as artist---and that is totally OK :-)

but sometimes when I'm tooling around the interweb's craft world I see something that makes my heart pound and today...I decided it is color. More specifically, combinations of colors. I have never been able to pick a "favorite color" (although if pressed I'd probably choose pink. Or green. Or that Robin's Egg Blue...crap). Instead I have always been enamoured with sets of colors. I know this cause I'd go in the Gap and see all the glorious sweaters on the table, all folded just so and I'd want one. But as soon as I held one up and removed it from the didn't look as good. I longed for the pop it had with its knitted brothers and sisters left on the table. That being said I am not really a huge "rainbow" fan. But these...these potholders...these make my soul sing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Lord...

so, finding Wordpress waaaaay too frustrating to use, I went back to Blogger and in about 4 minutes, copied and pasted everything and made a new blog. However, despite my best intentions, the first few posts are out of order. WHAT-EVER.
From here on out...nothing but easy blogging for old people like me.

First Batch on Etsy

You can buy all my delicious creations at my etsy shop…

Brace Yourselves

Here’s where you come to see my stuff, gloat with me over thrift shop finds and listen to me whine and complain—otherwise known as “my creative process”.
Leave me a comment so I know  you were here.


I’ve decided to name all my creations after my friends. Helps me keep track. Visit my etsy shop and see if there’s a bag or apron named after YOU…
I know what you’re thinking…Be still my heart. It’s OK. I’d be thrilled too.
Just a little sample of projects I have made. The marathon of sewing was mostly the scoop-bottomed farmers market bags. I think I made 17…whew!
And as they say, “There’s more to come”