Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to change your life with 2 loaves of Wonder Bread

Is it lunchtime already?That's homemade plum jam by the way. Want one?

This is what 15 mornings of peace look like.
A few years ago, (just after the school year had started), my friend called me up for a chat. She confessed that she was making a week's worth of P B & J sandwiches and Ham and Cheese sandwiches to freeze as we spoke on the phone. She said "There's just no other way we can get out of the house in the morning."
I thought it was the grossest thing. I mean, please? Who would eat a frozen sandwich?

Oh guess what? Children do! children who are hungry and trapped at school and have no other choice do! Yippee!
I started doing this soon after that phone call and have never looked back.  A frozen sandwich doesn't spoil between 7 am and 12.
I feel so smug to have 15 lunches ready to roll. Throw one in a bag,  wash an apple or two and find some pretzels or raisins? Ta-da! Lunch.

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