Sunday, September 18, 2011


My friend Chris recently asked on Facebook what was inspiring to us. He meant, as artists or as regular folks, ya know, what really gets you going. I hesitated to comment because I always feel other's creativity gets me going and I always feel that's cheating. I'm not down on myself (anymore) and I've accepted and relished the fact I am a technician rather than as artist---and that is totally OK :-)

but sometimes when I'm tooling around the interweb's craft world I see something that makes my heart pound and today...I decided it is color. More specifically, combinations of colors. I have never been able to pick a "favorite color" (although if pressed I'd probably choose pink. Or green. Or that Robin's Egg Blue...crap). Instead I have always been enamoured with sets of colors. I know this cause I'd go in the Gap and see all the glorious sweaters on the table, all folded just so and I'd want one. But as soon as I held one up and removed it from the didn't look as good. I longed for the pop it had with its knitted brothers and sisters left on the table. That being said I am not really a huge "rainbow" fan. But these...these potholders...these make my soul sing.

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