Monday, November 14, 2011

Where she tries not to burn down the house...

Aladdin opens tomorrow night at Browns Valley (7 pm, T, W, TH)
Yes, my living room looked like a red, pink, ochre and purple bomb went off in there. This is the second time I've done this show. I find it so fascinating how different casts have their own quirks and challenges.
This group is hell-bent on turning their backs to the audience. At this age, "cheating out" is a pipe dream, and all you can really hope for is a bit of a flat, gingerbread man type stance while said child recites his/her lines. It's a little wooden and awkward, but words are heard and faces are seen. HOWEVER. This group. oy vey.
They are profoundly interested in delivering lines to the upstage wall.
It must make them feel more secure, cause they all do it.
I shoulda kept good on my threat and brought the super-soaker.
after a few wet-butts, perhaps these problems would have disappeared!

I discovered that I could "hem" the edges of the crazy skirt fabric by running it through a candle flame. Not as dangerous as it looks, and it went really fast. I also discovered I had about 2x as much fabric as I need, so yeah! The skirts will look extra nice.

Army uniforms--so simple, just a rectangle of felt--there's a slit cut at the top for your head to go through, a glued on emblem and a red sash.
For 17 kids, that was a kick ass costume plan. They will just wear jeans and a white t-shirt under their "tunic". Awesome.

The other kids got stuff from the thrift store, all in the same color palette'cause that's how I roll people. I like it all to match. Makes it look better. Makes it look GREAT even if it's not so great. Just an insider's secret there---free of charge.

.So come out and see us. There is no fee, and the kids really are cute.

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  1. Pamela allowing lit candles in the house?!?! ;)
    It all looks beautiful!