Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Little Coat That Could

So it started with this...and led to this...spent some time here and here and here till now I am pondering this:

Fiona promptly announced that she will not go out in public with me if I am wearing this coat. Hurray! P-time!

The whole thing really went together in an evening and I COULD have stayed up and finished it right then and there, but I needed to wash the coat first and it being wool, I wasn't sure it was done shrinking, which it being a size large, would not be a bad thing. It's such a warm coat as you can imagine. Not unlike wrapping yourself in a wool blanket, but it's pretty homely. And at first I was just going to make a few flowers to jazz up the collar, but....YOU KNOW ME...most things in excess....I got carried away. And I think it looks all funky and Anthropologie like. Its loud, but I dig it. Fiona however, still hates it.