Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Massive Display of Crafting Goodness and/or Insanity...just depends on how you roll.

Have I mentioned the crazy mass production mode I've been pretty much since the end of November? Yes. I did.
So here's a summary of the projects I've worked on...yeah, yeah, I know not ALL are complete, and not ALL have photographs, but hey.

I put together 10 gift baskets for the two sets of choir concerts at Napa High and I just found out they brought in over EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS. I spend under $60, so that is great news.

The candies. My buddy Patricia pointed out, I have really been on the candy train and she is right. So coming soon: Valentine candies that I will try to sell via mail order. Stay tuned.

The coat!

The mugs!

The china hutches and buffet, painted!
This is basic IKEA pine that was stained brown. I used the Annie Sloane Chalk Paint I bought from Patricia at Roost here in town, and used some wallpaper I'd bought at the thrift store years ago.

The rustic Wall...umm, Hanging? Shelf? Made from our old fence. Solely to display girly crap. Sean has already injured himself on it as it hangs on his side of the bed, but he is a good guy to put up with it and allow his bedroom to be turned into a 60's hotel room-thrift store-antique shop-estrogen palace. I had saved a bird's nest for years and years and years. It lived in my closet all that time and now that I finally have a proper place to display it...I can't find it for love or money. Sheesh.

Yes that is a felt donut. No I did not make it. However, I really, really like it. It was the first thing I ever bought on line.

And I do. I really, really do.

The spray painted, stenciled art piece for my bedroom. <<<Inspired by this...and here's my version:

So this is another IKEA was a glossy print of some owls (groan) and flowers, sort of a fabric collage. I made the letters out of masking tape, sprayed the thing white and pink peeled off the tape and then went back with some colored pencils to bring up some of the images from the original piece. But not the owls. Owls are trendy. Can anyone say sunflowers? How about geese with blue bows on their necks?...Next up on the killing line are cupcakes. I hear PIES are the next big thing.

The paint chip mosaic art piece also inspired from the same web site...(and my version:)
And I do NOT want to hear how I could have taken 30 seconds to turn the lights off and made a better photo. People, it's something of an accomplishment I can even use a camera at all.

The tree-less Christmas tree. Yeah, I know I keep harping about that, but it really was something to see and everyone knows how I hate Christmas, yet I grieved when I had to take it down on JANUARY 9th. Never has Christmas lasted into January before ever! But it did.
Good Lord, some sit ups are in order.

Pot holders!

A Maddy/Pamela craft: she crocheted a cover for my phone in wool and I felted it (sorta) and did the finishing work. My phone says its never been so cozy.

So I bought these shoes at the thrift store for $4.00 and the first time I wore them the vinyl (it sure as hell isn't leather) split all over the place. Figures. But I got this idea to recover them with this awesome trim Jessica sent me a while back and TA-DA!! I think they are the bomb. You should see me when I wear them WITH the coat. Instant Crazy-Cat-Lady!

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