Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Muggles for craft geeks

This winter break has been long, and very fulfilling creatively. The Tree-less Tree remains up...we cannot bear to take it down it is just so freaking cool. A sure sign of success if I ever saw one. The holiday break has been so full of different projects that alas, it also brings out one of my largest character flaws...the inability to finish, well, ANYTHING. As soon as I get into something, I find inspiration in something else and off I go...Letting my felt flower coat to languish on my bedroom while I scurry off to decorate mugs.

Yes people: Mugs.
Somewhere along my Craftgawker travels, I saw some plain white ceramic ware decorated with these "Paint pens" that you can use to decorate and then bake the items in your very own oven to cure the paint. I had used these pens for years at the Paint Your Own Pottery Shop, having people add their names to items after they'd been fired in the kiln, but never made the connect that you could use them exclusively for post-kiln decoration.

So I made the kids a mug each for Christmas, discovering the hard way that white was the way to go with these transparent pens. The orange isn't bad, but the black mug was a disaster and now just lives his life in our cupboard as an undecorated black mug.

So inspired was I, I made a set for Laura and Dennis. An unintentional cool perk is that due to my very limited color palette, the mugs look like they match despite being very different designs.

So at my last thrift store bender, I picked up 6 plain white mugs to decorate...but (c'mon, you know what's coming) I've since found ANOTHER project to throw myself into....figures.


It's funny 'cause it's true...

Peace baby

He's so Ghetto.

It's supposed to be "Fillmore-esq"

for Laura

And unintentionally, they go together!
These have all been through the dishwasher several times (well, not Laura and Den's) but you know what I mean. I'm super impressed with the pens. They are  Pebeo Porcelaine 150. If Santa would like to leave me a set of these on my porch anytime soon, I WOULD NOT SAY NO  :-)


  1. I love you so much.

  2. Girl, you haven't seen ghetto until you see how I draw. These are SO FREAKING COOL!!