Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recycled Denim and Scrap SOFT BINS

So last post I linked to these: Denim Bins!
and when I tried to make them, the measurements were so off...I was challenged beyond belief to pull it off. So this is MY version. The only thing you need to measure with is your eyeball...
Find a great piece of denim! Trim all thick seams off. Make it a nice even rectangle.

Find a lid the size you'd like the base to be. Wrap the denim around it , making sure you have a  1/4 inch amount of fabric to "pinch" (that's the seam allowance). Look! Mine is perfect! Otherwise, trim OR find a smaller base...

Find a scrap of fabric just as wide and twice as tall...oops, mine isn't tall

so I sewed a band of red fabric to the top to help it out.

The middle layer needs to be somewhat thick. For this one I used felt, and ran a stripe of glue down the center to hold it together. Later, I used a piece of batting, but either works.

Remember the lid? Cut a circle from each fabric used the same size as the lid.
 OOPS. Forgot a photo. So, You'll need to pick up that denim piece, flip it to the wrong side and place it UP, aligned on the top edge of the printed fabric and the felt in order to sew them together. Right sides together. Here's the order:
Felt (bottom), Printed fabric right side facing you (middle) and denim wrong side facing you (top)
This photo should show that I flipped the denim to the wrong side up and placed it at the top, right along the edge of the red fabric...

Sew the three layers together.

Pull the denim layer up away from the print and the felt and press flat.  Fold the long way. Sew along the long, open edge, BUT!!!! see the 2 chalk marks on the top edge of the felt? Leave that gap open...don't sew. Very important for turning!

Now you have a tube. Pin the print and felt circles to the end of the print and felt  end and sew.

Do the same thing to the other end with the denim. pin and sew.

Carefully press this new center seam open. Clip carefully around the curves of the circles in the seam allowances.

Through the gap you left open, turn the whole thing inside out.
Hand stitch the gap closed. Or if you're lazy like me, run it through the machine.

Push the print and felt half down into the denim half, using your fingers to press and pull the fabric into the curves.

Fold down the top to make a cuff. Oh rats! Monkeys are hidden. Oh well.

The ones left and center are made from the original tutorial. I like mine way better. The thick seams look great, but my machine did NOT like sewing through them and I hate to break a needle when I don't have to.

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