Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Madeleine's Graduation

How I ruined my oldest child's life.

In the middle of festive party prep, Madeleine looked at me (knee deep in decorating plastic cups with polka dot stickers) and announced I was ruining her life.

I know she was teasing.


It must be so hard. Having an enthusiastic and (I blush) talented party mom.
I really pity her. I'd be of more use to her if I were a scholar like her dad. Or an athlete. But sadly enough, all my talents lie in fields Maddy really wants nothing to do with. And that's ok.

Sean and I hosted ONE Team Soccer Dinner. A mere handful of Club Soccer bonding activities (only because I was in charge of "team bonding"---don't get me started---I mean, just go to practice and play soccer. Does everyone have to be friends? No.)

We resisted the pre-prom parties and the pre-dance dinners. When she was little, I had dreams of Tuesday Taco nights here at the house, where all her buddies would gather weekly...
However, as she grew, it became clear that was not her style and we responded accordingly.

But graduation. Oh no. This was MY party. And we told her that from the beginning. So without any apologies, I let my crafty self run wild and here are the results. A large percentage (95?) would have to go to Pinterest, where I now live and garner life lessons or at least, killer craft ideas.

the Mortar Board hats. Mini Reese's (dark choc) and After Eight thin Mints. Glue together with royal icing. Tassels were also royal icing, but a big challenge to get right. Next time, I'd cut up some Fruit Roll ups or something. I would also make the pilot hole in the Reese's FIRST, as trying to do so once they were assembled was difficult since they are quite fragile.

She is going to UCLA! Little Bruin Bears! and it made it great for colors since her high school is also blue and gold.

Easiest dessert ever. Dip pretzel rods in melted choc. chips, roll in sprinkles. Did both dark and "white" choc. They are boosted up in the vase with lemon drops.

Yes I picked all the blue and yellow M&M's out of the bag AND added York peppermint pieces for the navy and white.

Snickerdoodles with lemon and coconut, rolled in yellow sugar.

Oriental Trading Co. has loads of color-coordinated party candies.

I took cheap dollar store blowers, removed the "Happy b-day" cardboards and taped on some scrapbook papers and made my own stickers. But get the kind that make noise. Guests were crushed when these didn't HONK.

Hung the gown on the front door.

Mini bubbles also from Oriental Trading. Yellow sheet from the thrift store as table cloth. Mason jars with some garden greens and dollar store flowers. No water, no mess and they could stay out in the sun and wind for days.

I kinda lost my mind with these. I cut the triangles from scraps I already had, and zig-zag stitched them on to one continuous piece of cotton string. Also put up x-mas lights. So cute.

Oriental Trading again. Very reasonable. Perhaps $13 for 50 labels? Plastic too, so they can get wet. But make sure your water bottles have a nice flat surface. These didn't and the stickers went on bumpy.

There they are, the class of 2012


  1. I love all of this!!!!!!!!! I'm a total stalker of all people creatively inclined as I have not a drop of creativity in my entire bod! What a lucky girl you have, which btw..Congrats! LOVE UCLA! Go Bruins! If your ruining her life, then perhaps I can adopt you so you can come and ruin mine!! Good job MOM!

  2. Hi pamela, would like to borrow your baby bruin cookies pics for 3 weeks for promotion. as i have no way to reach you, i have already put a note on the pic below saying " photo credit @pamela"

    please kindly let me know if you are not agree with it. I will keep checking on this page during this 3 weeks, thank you.