Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Eating 3 or "Oh No You Didn't!"

Oh yes I did...

There seems to be a certain fine line between white trash food (WTF) that sounds good, though is certainly horrible for you, and the WTF that just sounds horrible.

This one is right on the borderline.

Apple Dumplings. With Mountain Dew. yup.


So the recipe is simple enough, wrap apple slices in crescent roll dough, pour melted butter, sugar, vanilla and a can of Mt. Dew and bake.

I was certainly enamored with the prospect of using Mt. Dew, but it still seemed a bit much. I halved the recipe, and even then-- used 2/3 a stick of butter instead of the whole thing, and 1/4 a can of Mt. Dew instead of 1/2, and still the thing is swimming in liquid. Perhaps the reason they are called dumplings! Of which, I'm not really a fan. So, I'm waiting now for Madeleine to wake up and give it a taste as it was her idea to wake up to something ridiculously sweet and fattening every morning this summer.

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