Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mr. Sugar Comes to Town OR My Yearly Overload on Cookie Decorating

Yeah, yeah...I know. It happens every time. I swear I'm going to cut back and that I don't DO Christmas---bla, bla, bla. But here I am again, knee deep in powdered sugar and suffering from carpal tunnel from squeezing pastry bags. However! These are the nicest cookies I've ever made and I have to chalk that up to Pinterest. What an amazing source of inspiration. 
All the fun of a gingerbread house...a fraction of the work.

My daughter Madeleine made this one. She's got talent!

I love the wood-grain on the door, but the windows didn't turn out as well.

Oh. And this one. By Fiona. I'm pretty sure she's not so much inept as she is sugar crazy.

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