Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Nice Rainy Day for Tea and Sewing

I am somewhat re-installed in my art room. Over break, I had my unpaid servants empty the room into the garage. I then painted the room and refilled it. My goal was to only bring back 60% of what went out, and I got close to that. Now that I'm not teaching art, it's time to let those class sets of paints/pastels/etc. go.

In any case, the room is still somewhat chaotic, but I AM able to sew and do a few things and I dearly missed doing so when the room was torn apart.

I am trying not to launch into any long or new projects. Instead I'm having fun making just one or two things a day and using up my gargantuan boxes of scraps.

Tea isn't my favorite, but too much coffee makes me crazy.

I made this cute bear out of a sock. He was rather hard to sew. Very stretchy! A 100% cotton sock might be easier to deal with next time. The whole thing took me an hour start to finish. You can make one yourself---here's the LINK.

I've started a small quilt from small and uneven squares of fabric I cut for a different project I never got around to. Some of this fabric dates back to when I was making clothes for baby Fiona. Lotsa old friends here.

The goal is to use as much fabric as possible with out spending too much time. Big wide borders really help this lap quilt do just that.

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