Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Love-Hate with Leftovers

Y'all probably think I labor over a creatively deluxe meal every night. But it is just not true. I'm good for about 4 meals a week, give or take a few depending on the week and schedules etc.

When I cook, I make a mess. A huge mess. It has taught me this: as long as I'm breaking eggs, I'm not only going to make an omelet, I'm going to make enough to feed 10. In other words, I usually double or triple recipes seeing as the mess factor really is about the same whether I make one meatloaf or three. Then I'm off the hook the next day! 'Cause who doesn't adore day old meatloaf/ fried chicken/pasta salad...WHATEVER!

Well. I don't particularly. And the kids don't and Sean can only do his part for so many days before he cries "Mercy!. So I wind up with a LOT of leftovers that no one wants.


Waste is a huge pet peeve of mine.

So after Christmas had come and gone and New Year's was approaching, I was staring down a fridge FULL of cast offs. I turned the lamb into Lamb Curry which no one ate but me, but it was delicious!
And I turned the potatoes into Potato Bondas.

I have NEVER had even mild success with either potato pancakes OR latkkes, but Bondas, even an idiot can make. They are similar in spirit to a Samosa, but about a million times easier.
Here we go:

I took both the white mashed potato leftovers and yams (marshmallows and all) and mashed them up.
I then followed the recipe. Sort of...

Aloo Bondas:
2 Large Boiled, Mashed Aloo (Potatoes)
1-2 Minced Green Chilies (I didn't have any. I used Cayenne. about 1/4 tsp)
1tbsp  finely chopped Cilantro (I didn't have any. I used fresh mint)
1cup gram flour, Chickpea or Garbanzo bean flour works too. See Bob's Red Mill
Salt to taste
Red chili powder to taste
1/4th tsp Garam Masala powder, this is a spice mixture that can be found in the regular grocery store.
1/4th tsp turmeric powder
Oil for frying

How to make aloo bonda:

  • Add salt, chili powder, garam masala, cilantro, and green chilies to the mashed aloo (potatoes) and mix well.
  • In a bowl take a cup of gram flour; add turmeric powder, little salt and chili powder to it. Add little water bit by bit and mixing to make a batter (a little runnier than pancake flour)
  • Make small balls of aloo (potato) mixture.
  • Dip each ball in the batter and deep fry them till golden brown
  • Serve aloo bonda hot with chutney.

Inside view. You can see you don't have to mash the potatoes super smooth. Lumps are fine and the yams made these slightly orange and pretty!

I can't even tell you how good these are.

The cool thing is that unlike most fried foods, these keep well and can be brought back to their crispy deep fried personas with a quick re-heat under the broiler.
They make a fun lunch or satisfying nosh with beers and sodas before dinner.

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