Friday, November 22, 2013

Halloween Treat "Bags"

For Halloween this year, I wanted to put the candy into treat bags. 
{yes, I know it is mere days before Thanksgiving as I write this, but whatev.}

However, Halloween Treat Bags were freaking expensive! It's bad enough I have to buy the CANDY...
Oh boy. I have totally become a cranky old lady.
So that's honestly the motivation for treat bags---I just want to hand out the candy and be done. No "3 for you and 5 for you". No worrying about will I have enough candy to make it through the night.
Thus the bags. But you know me---I want to spend, oh, $3 for four thousand bags...
Wasn't going to happen. But I did get this kinda cool idea:

Dixie cups! 200 for under $3!

Fill with as much candy as you like. I could fit 5. Next time I'll either get bigger cups or smaller candy. 30% of my candy was too big for the cup.

A quick, thin rim of Tacky Glue (none other)...

...set on a cupcake wrapper...

push it down to fit.

Turn upside down in a quick motion to dry.

Stack when set to dry over night.

That was it! I set out trays of these cups on the porch and checked it every so often. It was so painless! I never had to answer the door and no one seemed to abuse the "Please take one" directive.
All in all, I gave out 145 cups of candy :)

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