Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tile Fundraiser

When my friend Danny posted about his "Ability First: Stroll and Roll" fundraiser, I wanted to contribute but really didn't have the funds to make a nice donation. I know, I know, every little bit helps, but sometimes I feel like a moron donating $10.62....

So I thought, what if I listed the tiles I've painted recently (and there are many, many tiles) on my Etsy shop page only as a fundraiser?

I couldn't offer the sales to be tax deductible, but I did promise to donate all proceeds to Dan's program, specifically his earmarked charity Camp Paivika.

I listed the tiles, plugged it a few times on Facebook and low and behold...I SOLD SOME TILES.
It's nothing short of a miracle to me. You know me and my hangups with sales (see a few posts down), so this success on Etsy is super exciting to me. "Thrilling" is not exaggerating :)

So far, I have made sales to some of my Facebook friends both here in town and across the US. I am so hoping to one day meet my goal of selling something to a stranger. That will be amazing.

In the meantime, I have $265 to give to Dan's camp. So far...;-)

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