Saturday, July 5, 2014

T-Shirt Hack

There are a lot of t-shirt hacks out there, this is mine.

I wanted to try to make one without sewing and specifically for converting long sleeve winter t's into summer wear. Today at the thrift store, all women's shirts were a dollar. A DOLLAR. So, yeah! I loaded up. Here's how I took a cute Chico's shirt and made it work for July weather.

Turn the shirt inside-out and cut make the sleeve very flat, seams matching up. Then you'll cut a line like I drew. The distance from the arm pit seam down the sleeve is your gauge for determining how long you want the sleeve to be. Mine is about 2.5 inches. If you want a longer sleeve, go 3-4-5 inches.

After the first cut.

The second cut will be from the point along the fold (where the sharpie is) ---just cut along the fold, then cut a tear-drop shape. Not too big, remember once on your arm it will be twice as big.

After the second cut.

Repeat on the other sleeve and you can use the cut scrap sleeve as your template.

Turn the shirt back out and tie the ends together.


I like it. It's a million degrees cooler and I didn't mess it up with needless sewing. Because it's knit fabric, the ends won't fray and because it's a busy print, no one will notice that the edges are raw and not hemmed. For a dollar and 10 min. time, I'm thrilled with my new summer shirt.

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  1. Awesome! That's a fabulous idea. Wear ur $1 shirt w/pride. It looks like it cost much more. :D